Because even yoga sometimes needs rules


– Prices may change from time to time.
– You can cancel a subscription / card as long as it is not used and as long as no more than 14 days have passed from the date of purchase
– Subscriptions and tickets are time limited
– No refund will be given for a subscription / card that has not been used
– If less than three students arrive, the class will not be conducted
– A place must be reserved in advance, on the website or through the application
– A student who did not attend the class for which a place was reserved and did not give notice until two hours from the beginning of the class (until 10pm  prior to the morning classes) will be charged for the class



– Card suspension will be between a week and a month
– Suspension must be notified in advance (no retrospect suspension)
– Cards will not be suspended for more than a month
– If the card has expired, it will be possible to purchase the same (or larger) card and transfer the unused classes to the new card (the card time limit does not change).
– You can check the status of the card / subscription in the system or application at any time (enter username and password at the top right, if you do not have a password click on “Forgot password”)

Monthly renewable


– At the time of registration, a partial first payment according to the balance of the days of the current month
– A standing order will be made on the first of each calendar month
– Cancellation will only be possible after two full calendar months
– Notice of cancellation by email only no later than the 10th of the month prior to cancellation
– A total of up to 30 days of suspension will be allowed during the period (12 months), a minimum of 5 days for suspension.
– If a student did not attend the class for which a place was reserved and did not notify up to two hours from the beginning of the class (until 10pm before the morning classes) the studio may charge them for the class NIS 40
– Suspension will be possible as days at the end of the period (example: a subscription has been suspended for two weeks, announces at 7.3 that it wants to cancel a subscription. The subscription will be stopped at 31.3 and then two weeks will be added so that the subscription is valid until 14.4)
– At the end of a full 12 months the subscription must be renewed.

– The timetable may change from time to time.
– Substitutions will be updated if possible in the  website timetable.