Moon Sequence is a series of asanas based on the foundations of the Vinyasa flow and the principle of setting breath and movement together and was composed to be as a complement to the Ashtanga series however it is more than suitable to students who never practiced Ashtanga yoga before.

The series in it original purpose was composed to provide an option to practice in full moon and no moon days or during the women’s period when it is not standard to practice according to the tradition. The series was developed by Matthew Sweeney and it was primarily set as a restorative series, however to say that it is an “easy” series would be a mistake.The restorative element in the series come in comparison to the Ashtanga series that incorporate a strong element of fire and work on upper body.

The Moon sequence has within it a great standing asana’s elements, hip openers, front and back bends. The main element in the sequence is the earth which enables a more contemplative and settled work that comes not from ambition but rather from attention.

The Moon sequence suits students from all levels