Yoga entered my life as I sought a way to find peace and balance. Over the years I was exposed to the philosophy of yoga and fell in love. It is not easy to explain in words what yoga does, but it is certainly magic.

I wanted to know more, I finished a teacher training course led by Netta Barnea and Doron Hanoch at Yoga Levontin, where I focused on the Ashtanga style, the style I practice today.

Yoga restored my faith in myself. I discovered that I had physical and mental strength that I had not known before.

I see the practice of the Ashtanga as art. It is a kind of magical and infinite length of rope, at the end of which the self is waiting. To walk on it you have to keep walking, find the balance, and believe in the way you build with each step.

The most important tool we have is breathing. It allows concentration, connection to self and introspection. All these are in their power to give medicine, peace and more conscious and happy life.

I have a will and love for learning and expanding knowledge. I went through courses and studies in Israel and the East with wonderful teachers who gave me knowledge and understanding of the physical and energetic practice.

I have graduated a Yoga course in India and anatomy and adjustment course at the Paul Dahlagen School in Thailand.

I am happy and excited to take the journey together with you in the studio which for me is like a home.